One Piece: Neo 4 Portraits of Pirates Shanks Red Haired Figure 1/8 Scale

Shanks - Captain of the Red Haired Pirate Crew. In One Piece, Shanks is captain of the Red Haired Pirate Crew which is a group of rabble rousers with a penchant for living it up. Despite their tendency towards alcoholic libations, the Crew is nevertheless a fearsome group of brigands with formidable pirate skills. Shanks makes his first appearance in the One Piece Portrait of Pirates toy series and he does it in style. Cloaked in a swishy black cape and garbed in a white shirt, Shanks may be mistaken for a crusader. Except Shanks wears sandals, only has one arm, and is a rogue of the highest order. The OPPOP Shanks figure is sculpted to 1/8 scale and measures 22cm or 8.66" tall. An octagonal display base is included for mounting purposes.

He can really work that cloak
1/8th scale figure
Approximately 22cm tall
Removable cloak

Synthetic Head, Black, ID 8 5/8"

Synthetic Head, BLACK, 8 5/8" ID (Item Code: MSS3-BK) Black Synthetic replacement head for Copper and aluminum doumbeks. Head has an inside diameter of 8 5/8" and a depth of 17/32". May not fit all doumbeks. Please measure your drum carefully. Embossing may vary.

Mid-East Head Replacement for Copper or Aluminium Doumbek, Synthetic Head, Black, 8.63-Inch